Let’s Talk Film - Rainer Komers & Spoon Jakcson

This year's program of Let's Talk Film is special. On one hand, it remains in agreement with the festival tradition, aiming at the search of the borders in cinema – and, as a consequence of which, often crossing them. On the other hand, the connections to different forms of broadly understood creative work are rarely as present at our festival as those in this year's program of Let's Talk Film. One of the blocks is dedicated to the film works of a person who is probably better known in the music industry – despite of being quite successful also in the field of film. We can both watch one of the most acknowledged productions of the author, as well as to talk about the film – and more. The other block is a multimedia story – and multimedia meeting! - with a poet, who has a unusual biography. A live meeting with the author – via a phone call between the cinema and Solana State Prison in California – will be combined with a presentation of his works and a meeting with Rainer Komers, an outstanding film specialist, author of “Barstow, California.”



Małgorzata Frymus & Bartosz Wójcik


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