Submit a film

The Call Extended
This year, authors can submit their works to five competition sections of Szczecin European Film Festival:
  1. The European Competition – competition for the latest European documentary films which balance on border of different cinematic techniques and stylistics.
  2. TELEFON ART – international competition for short film impressions on the subject of reportage made with mobile phone, iPhone, tablet, smartphone or any other non-professional cinematographic device.
  3. POP SEFF – world competition for short musicial film forms and music videos that break away from generic standards and whose visuals play an equally important role as the music accompanying it.
  4. MUSIC SEFF – first edition of world competition for music documentary films dedicated to artists, bands and music they create.
  5. West Pomerana Shorts – the 8th instalment of the competition for short film forms that presents the most interesting productions and filmmakers associated with the West Pomerania Voivodeship.