West Pomerania Shorts Jury

Damian Romaniak, PhD – film and literature specialist, PhD in Humanities, film culture animator, film and literary critic, publicist, lecturer. Host of the “Kino Konesera” series in Szczecin's Helios multiplex movie theatre, and of the “Cyklino” Academic Film Club. Author of numerous articles and reviews on film and literature. Cooperates with the Onet Film and Horror Online websites. Since 2016 has been working with the Splat Film Fest International Fantastic Film Festival in Lublin. Since 2017 editor-in-chief of the “eleWator” literary-cultural quarterly magazine.

Marek Fiałek, PhD – attended German Studies in Poznań, Hanover and Potsdam. In 1995 left to Germany for one semester and stayed there until this very day. After Berlin and Bamberg, he stayed in Pomerania, where he comes from. He defended his MA paper on Master Eckhart and his PhD paper on Berlin's Bohemia of the fall of the 19th century. Co-organiser of the polenmARkT festival, as well as the Ukrainicum and Polonicum summer schools, lecturer at the University of Greifswald. Cyclist who sometimes eats meat.