Mateusz Jan Winkiel – the owner and founder of the Mania Studio production house, director specialising in the production of music videos and music-related documentary films. In 2010 he began his work for the Leon Schiller Film School in Łódź, currently as the assistant of Paweł Siedlik, PhD. In April 2007 he registered the Mania Studio company, which has at its disposal a professional recording studio, a postproduction office, a shop, logistic and hotel infrastructure. He made over 300 music videos for many famous artists in Poland and abroad, as well as documentary programs broadcast in the public television, concert DVDs, documentary films and commercials.
Adam Barwiński – director, author of documentaries, reportages and music videos. Teaches media communication courses, as well as film workshops for youth in a difficult life situation. He specialises in storytelling. Barwiński cooperates with artists such as: Łona & Weber, Lump, and Emma Cuk. Received scholarship of the Robert Bosch Foundation, “Reporters in the Field” program. Winner of many awards, including the “Co Jest Grane 24” Readers' Choice for his film “Happy Olo – the merry tale of Olo Doba” at the 14th Millennium Docs Against Gravity Film Festival (2017), the Common Baltic Short Film Contest award for his film “Depth” at the Young Cinema Competition of the 40th Film Festival in Gdynia (2015), and Grand Prix of the 2nd Festiwal Sztuki Faktu in Toruń for his reportage “Król Edward” (2014).