SEFF Baltic Film Forum


This year, SEFF Baltic Film Forum will host an international cooperation network in the field of film and new media FilmNet, to which Szczecin European Film Festival belongs. The main aim of the Forum is to strengthen the professional relationship in the cinema industry in the Baltic region. SEFF Baltic Film Forum holds meetings which network partners from Sweden, Germany, and Poland, who focus their work around the initiatives concerning media competence and film promotion. As part of an open meeting, the above-mentioned guests will exchange experiences with their partners from the region and visit Szczecin’s places that are close to cinema culture. Moreover, during this year’s SEFF Baltic Film Forum the participants will take part in closed meetings, during which they will talk about the functioning of an international film festival on the example of Szczecin European Film Festival, and see a case-study of innovative approach towards culture animation through the stop-motion animation workshops.















Dana Jesswein