The award for the best film, in the amount of 10 000 PLN, funded by President of Szczecin.

„Absent Wound”
dir.  Maryam Tafakory

This movie shows a new language of the culture dialog about gender. In very strong pictures, It shows eternal difference between men and women. Women are nature and men are culture. Metaphorical close-up to woman’s sphere gives us a universal feeling of feminine point of view. It’s not a martial cry, but strong poetry presented by words and images.

The award for the most moving film, in the amount of 10 000 PLN, funded by the Marshal of the West Pomeranian Voivodeship


dir.  Grzegorz Paprzycki

Intimate picture that, in a form of ancient tale, shows us very modern
and universal fears. The Director takes us for a journey through modern inferno of pure evil and nationalism. He doesn’t judge, he doesn’t look down, he just leads you inside. For the moment, you can feel the false beauty and power of BlackGod.

The award for the most intriguing film, in the form of professional software, funded by the company AVID Poland.



„5 Years After The War”
dir. Martin Wiklund, Ulysse Lefort

Using many pop-culture topics, and great animations, creators take us for a real cinematic adventure that’s full of energy, strong colours and fascinating characters.
Very humorous and attractive, ironic way to say something both personal and universal. Where do we come from? Where do we belong?



The Audience Award, in the amount of 5,000 PLN, funded by Polish Television.


„Taking Stock”
dir.  Duncan Cowles

Moreover, the jury awarded the special mention

„Opera About Poland”
dir. Piotr Stasik

This movie triggered a fascinating discussion about the core of Polish identity. Using an opera structure, and many different movie languages, not limited by traditional documentary style, the Director allows you to follow your own tone as a viewer.